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Our panel of experts, gives us an unmatched strength when hiring in specialized verticals, thereby helping us to manage a stringent selection process. We also maintain a large database of potential candidates for all industries that we cater to.

Technical Trade Test

Trade tests are conducted for all technical personnel such as technicians, electricians, welders, plumbers and mechanics. We have short-listed high ranking technical institutes equipped with the finest workshop facilities for these trade tests. Heavy-duty operators are tested on project sites.


We obtain emigration clearance from the concerned Government department for the candidates and also facilitate making the requisite travel arrangements.


Book all Domestic & International Airlines from us. Air travel is not a high-end form of travelling as it used to be. Instead, it is now seen as the fastest and cheapest way to travel. Booking International and Domestic air tickets for customers is very easy with us. We offer our customers the best commission on booking of every International or Domestic Flight ticket.

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1: Sending the demand letter from the employer (by e-mail or by filling out the employment application form on our website) in which the required professions and names of visa professions, experiences, qualifications, salaries, benefits, religions, ages and conditionsare clarified.