About Us

A well-established manpower outsourcing consultancy in New Delhi, Taha Airwaves Private Limited aims to provide comprehensive HR solutions for organizations and individuals alike. By managing the various processes of recruitment and helping you to connect with the apt talents, we have proved our competence in multiple segments of the industry. We offer a wide range of services from selecting, interviewing, recruiting and imparting all types of training to the employees so that they would be adept and career-ready.

We incepted our company with the objective to bridge the demand gap between the employers and employees. As an accomplished placement and recruitment agency, we rely on delivering quality services of procuring the right people for the right roles at the right time anywhere in India and abroad. Since we realize the value that an efficient pool of employees holds for an organization, we strive to develop a more productive operational environment for various companies.


As a dedicated HR service provider, we steer our efforts to Inspireindividuals and organisations for acommon goal.Our mission is toprovide professional talents and HRservices that would foster aproductive working environmentand thereby, create a positiveimpact on the organization. And we work towards building better connections and better life in the society.


We envision to emerge as theworld's leading provider of HRsolutions by scaling our expertiseand driving value to theorganizations. While we arecommitted to providing qualityservices, we ensure to deliver themwith alacrity. Moreover, we intend toshape our business and impart adefinite character through our corestrengths of integrity andcollaboration.


With the transition in the working environment,Taha Airwaves Private Limited proposes to rise with this tide ofchanges by offering exceptional manpower that caters to everyneed. By integrating the demands of both flexible and skilled workforces,we provide tailored solutions for our clients based on industry know-how andcost leadership, thus nurturing long-term relationships with the associates.



Our permanent staffing hiring services are catered to escalate your businessgrowth by recruiting the right talents that meet the demands of yourbusiness. To overcome the challenge of getting hands-on reliable candidatesthat befit the destined roles, we dive into our robust candidate database andmatch your requirements with their skills and experience to put together thebest talents at any roles or levels.By undertaking end-to-end procedures of manpower outsourcing, we gatherthe right talents and qualified professionals through exclusive screening forany domain or industry.
By perusing through the candidate profiles,shortlisting them and headhunting, we effectively carry out the discussions,confirmations and salary negotiations. Also, with the fastest turnaround time,we aim to offer the best permanent staffing solutions.


Many organizations are fast catching up with the new trend ofoutsourcing temporary experts for a certain period. If your projectneeds urgent talents but only require their expertise for alimited time frame, you can entrust us with our contractstaffing solutions. By temporarily deputing skilledprofessionals, your organization would beready to let the ball rolling with efficientand productive work.
Our contract staffing services come with a heightened sense of responsibilitybecause we believe that the success of the organization is contingent uponthe skill of the candidates even if they are hired for a short-term basis. You canavail our contract staffing services so that you get a flexible, cost-effective andfast solution.


As industries are expanding at the global level, it has become a necessity toequip oneself with relevant skills and knowledge that would suit thedemands of the organization. Though there are people who adorn the seniorroles with poise and efficiency, our training and capacity building serviceswould allow you to reinforce and develop the skills to an optimum level.We have been consistent in providing apt training, which has empoweredthe individuals to explore the broader range of choices in the professionaldomain. By extending our support to several capacity building initiatives, webolster the capabilities of personnel from different organizations andindustries. As a way to build on good corporate governance and aid inorganizational growth, you can benefit from our training and capacityorganizational growth, you can benefit from our training and capacitybuilding services.


Our manpower outsourcing consultancy is committed to divulge ourexpertise to varying needs of the industries. You can utilize our services andscale your business, regardless of the industry you are in:

  • IT & ITcs
  • Non-IT
  • Banking
  • Financial services
  • Automobiles
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Gems and
  • Jewellery
  • Oil and Gas
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel